Teach in Costa Rica


Reasons that I like teaching in Costa Rica

Why I Teach In C . r .

I’d have to say the climate is the thing that drew me to C . r . initially. Since it’s so near to the Equator, it's got tropical weather all year round, even though there offers some variance according to elevation and geography and the like. But no matter where you are, it’s going to be within the mid-60s to low-80s practically all time. That has been a massive factor personally. I love surviving in a hot climate. There are only two seasons here, summer as well as the rainy season. Someplace sunny and warm slopes with the Central Cordillera mountains obtain the most rain, so you’d wish to ingredient that into your decision. Obviously some areas tend to be rainier than others, so if you’re like more sunshine, it’s worth performing a little research prior to deciding which part o Costa Rica you would like to arrived at.

Teaching in Costa Rica
Teaching in Costa Rica

You shouldn’t be deterred from the rain, though, because Costa Rica is awesome! The us government cares a lot about land preservation plus a quarter of Panama and nicaragua , remains safe and secure as national parks and such things as that, which is the largest percentage on earth. It’s also helped ward off the threat of deforestation, and so the country continues to have a huge amount of plants and animals that you simply won’t see elsewhere. Certainly one of my favorite things you can do while living here has been to check out the different nature and all sorts of that they need to offer.

Certainly one of my favorites is Corcovado National Park which has an abundance of wildlife and is also globally renowned because of its biodiversity. It’s the only real devote the nation to aspire to see all 4 species of Costa Rican monkeys, though it may demand more than one trip! The white-headed capuchin is indeed cute! You can also see two and three-toed sloths, especially at Tortuguero National Park (the name means “Full of Turtles” and you can actually see a lot of those, too).

If you’re someone who loves the planet, Costa Rica is a good location for you and also you’ll suits you in. It’s been ranked since the greenest (most environmentally friendly) country on the planet and at the top of the Happy Planet Index, that can take into consideration human well-being and environmental impact. There’s an excellent healthcare system plus general, Costa Ricans certainly are a happy and healthy people. It’s really great to reside in a rustic whose government and people value its well-being and therefore are doing what they can to safeguard and preserve it. They are concerned a great deal about human rights and sustainable development and it’s really easy to get involved with these efforts and think that you’re part of something great.

I’d definitely recommend examining the various national parks before you come and building a plan to visit all of them, maybe even building a set of the particular species that you’d love to find out (I can’t recommend the monkeys enough)! Costa Rica is a beautiful country you will love experiencing.